PRE-ORDER The Post 9 Box

Check out some of the items and brands we carry! Boxes will be hand-tailored to the needs of each Post 9 mom!

Created exclusively for mothers up to 12-months postpartum! Post 9 delivers personalized resources with a box of 5-7 recovery, self-care, and wellness items to your front door each month.  Each box is customized based on your needs and is full of items to help you recover, adapt, maintain, and thrive!

  • Save time and money
  • Shipping and Concierge is included!
  • Each box has a retail item value of over $100.

Get discounts with a 3, 6, and 12 month prepaid subscription!

How it works? Order, complete your Post 9 mom questionnaire (after you have baby), and receive a personalized box according to baby delivery date.   

If baby is here, pre-orders will begin shipping as early October 15, 2019.