Why We Started Post 9

One sunny beautiful morning, after meeting at New Mom’s Coffee…

We’re just kidding! We live in Pittsburgh. It’s always gray and raining.  But yes, we met as first time mothers at a New Moms Coffee group and were relieved that we weren’t the only mothers trying to navigate this chaos.  One thing that was important to us was the collective power of new mothers supporting each other.

So we grabbed coffee and talked about all the different times we could have used a hand, all the different things we wished we could have time for again, and all of the things we didn’t know we needed.  We quickly realized that because of our very different pregnancies, births, recoveries, and lifestyles, there was a wide range of products and resources that helped us.

Most new mom support systems revolve around the baby,  we want, more than anything, to help the mother. Both of us feel very passionately about helping other women through this crazy life change and are excited to create a project that will allow us to pursue our passion while exploiting our professional talent and expertise.  Putting our heads together, we want to address the problem that postpartum recovery, self-care and wellness is treated as an afterthought. How it is possible that after birth new mothers are forgotten?       

We decided to start Post 9 with the goal of always putting the mother first.  We commit to always being honest and real with you.

As we refined our idea, we spent months researching and interviewing hundreds of women who told us about their birth stories, their pre & postpartum challenges, their favorite products, and so much more. Do you know what we learned? Moms are forgetting to take care of themselves! It’s not just everyone else forgetting to put the mother first. Women put their family’s needs in front of their own needs all the time. Of the women we surveyed, only 8% of the women said they often take time for themselves! How crazy is that? We’ve learned so much and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

But for now, let’s be real with each other. We want to give you your very own unique recovery experience. We want for you to think about yourself...just a little bit.  Let’s make an agreement- we’ll provide you the products and resources to help you adjust and create your new normal and you commit to giving yourself a few minutes every day that is just for you.

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