Meet our Co-Founder Katie

Hi, I’m Katie-
Mom to almost 3 year old daughter Mila and a few-day-old son Adam.  Prior to motherhood, I was the definition of a corporate business woman - working for numerous, large, international corporations, behind a computer, at a desk from 8am-5pm. During my 10 year corporate America career I quickly realized how difficult mothers had navigating the work/personal life balance.  A stark contrast from being a stay-at-home mom like I had dreamed of by my whole life.

I was raised by a stay-at-home-mom and it has always been something I strived for. So when I became pregnant, I knew that I had to make some big decisions. I do love working though and the intellectual stimulation it provides, so my first conversation (after the one with my husband of course) was with my office HR.  I asked for extended maternity leave and was quickly turned down with really no other options outside of the standard government required leave. It was then, the decision was made to take a leave from work for a while after the birth of my baby.

Mila came on March 28, 2016 via scheduled c-section due to breech positioning. Our worlds were forever changed. I absolutely loved being the stay-at-home-mother I always dreamed I wanted to be.  But as the months started to pass , I started to adjust to my new normal and found myself wanting more.

After experiencing how motherhood changes you and also seeing first hand how drastically different the idea/fantasy/reality of being a mom really is, stars seemed to align and at a New Mom’s Coffee group, I met a woman who had an amazing idea to help other new moms in this transition.  Into my life walks Crystal, my current co-founder of Post 9, and dear friend. We instantly connected and agreed this was an idea/project we felt so passionately about we wanted to pursue further.

The thing that made me think Post 9 would be a great company, is that first of all, it’s a product/service that I 100% would have wanted for myself.  Putting our New Mom’s Coffee experience into a subscription box that would be delivered to my door every month was super desirable. I’m a sucker for convenience, new products, and samples, and particularly ones that are recommended to me as opposed to ones I have to go out there and discover myself.  

I’m originally from Pittsburgh and almost all of my family and support system is located here.  This was a HUGE help for me postpartum, however, there is a different type of support they bring and a certain kind they just can’t fulfill.  The kind I found they couldn’t fulfill, was the support, advice and camaraderie I found from other new mothers who were currently going through the things I was or who had just experienced it.

New moms have sooooo many other things to think about and worry about that helping to deliver them self-care in a box to their front door, allows them to continue to think about themselves and their self-care, but does it in a way that requires most of the effort on Post 9’s part- making it easier on them!

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  • Tammy

    I was in tears reading your experiences. It’s relatable, heartfelt, no BS on what the transition is like going into motherhood. The psychological effect of the changes are massive, perhaps topping the physical changes in terms of impact. Fully supportive of this business!

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