Meet our Co-Founder Crystal

Hi, I am Crystal -
Mom to a two-year old, Nuri, and a baby company.  I’ve always been a little lax about the idea of motherhood - knowing that I love children but wasn’t sure that being a mother was in my future.   There are a lot of expectations of what motherhood is and a lot of it is self-placed. The picture in your head is a lot like a birth plan, the reality is often not what you had imagined.

When I became a mother, it definitely did not go the way I thought it was supposed to.  I was unexpectedly laid off at 36 weeks pregnant, had an early-term precipitous labor, and a short stint in the NICU.  I was thrust into a completely new world. Recovery was difficult, baby was difficult, and adjusting to this new normal was a lot harder than it seemed.  I definitely needed guidance and to just get out of the house.

I found out about New Moms Coffee - a local meet up and support group for new mothers.  There I met mothers at the same postpartum stage as I was in. We talked about our recoveries, shared strategies for survival, talked about what’s normal, what’s not, and were real with each other.  It was this collective support and shared base of knowledge that got my wheels turning.

I’m a professional problem solver by trade and a mission driven person in general.  I’ve been in project development and program management for 15 years in higher education, non-profits, Making, and the start-up sector.  When I see a problem, I naturally gravitate to solve it (and yes it drives my husband crazy). So being thrust into motherhood, while unemployed, and facing this gap in postpartum care head on - the idea of creating a simple solution to help other women through this life change was natural.

I met Katie at New Mom’s Coffee and we became fast friends.  She felt the same gravity as a problem solver and as a new mother that I did.  After a year of research, ideation, and evangelizing our mission, Katie and I developed a postpartum support service in the form of a subscription box to help mothers through their recovery as they adjust to their new normal.  My goal with Post 9 is to change the way we talk about postpartum care, the way we view ourselves as moms, and the approach to women’s care in this country.

I’m passionate about access to support for all mothers and postpartum women. Whether you have family close by (like Katie) or live hours away (like me) - all women need care and support to thrive.  I’m just really excited to become a part of this conversation.

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