Gearing Up for Pre-Orders!

We know that moms-to-be are all about dates. You have your appointments, your shower, your due date… and then the date you actually have the baby. We here at Post 9 are no different and we’re excited to share our countdown:

  • Preorders! Just in time for Labor Day (wink, wink), sign up with us on August 28th to snag a Post 9 box for you or your favorite pregnant mama whose due date falls around mid October.
  • First boxes get shipped by the Post 9 Stork on October 9th.
  • Post 9 celebrates our full launch on October 23rd! 

So needless to say, things over here at Post 9 are getting crazy busy. We have just finalized our box design and we’re excited for the reveal! We were able to locally-source our boxes from a company just outside of Pittsburgh, Post 9 HQ. Our legal documents are getting shored up, which, *snooze,* but really, it’s an essential piece of keeping things flowing as they should.  We’re starting to place orders with our vendors for Post 9 goodies and getting all of our back-end website development ready to handle your concierged orders.

Summer is here and Pittsburgh has been hot. As I write this post, my 3-year-old daughter is gleefully splashing in her water table and my 4-month-old son is swinging next to her, happily sucking on Sophie the giraffe. As I sit next to them, I can’t help but reflect on how this new motherhood journey has inspired this company. But just as I looked at them with a big smile, thinking This is what it’s all about, my daughter splashed too hard, slipped on the water, bumped her knee, and spilling her bucket of water all over Baby Brother. Everyone was okay of course, but as I picked up the baby to go change his clothes, he had a blow out diaper all up his back AND the swing. SIGH.

This is motherhood in all its glory, our new normal. #letsmomtogether

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